Custom Harness

Your dream can come true!

If you are not satisfied with our available options, you can send us a mail with your customization wishes to [email protected].

Send us your personal design idea for a custom harness.

A popular request is to use multiple colors, it is almost always possible to mix any color with another. You can find more information, pictures and prices at the bottom of this page.

We can do almost anything when it comes to harnesses, here is an example of a complete custom harness:

Standard Body Harness[custom color]3

Check out what types of colors, materials and options are available HERE.

For your own custom harness design idea, please send us a sketch of it and tell us in great detail how you want everything done, this should include:
  1. What type of harness or your own design (e.g. X harness with leg straps).
  2. What color(s) with our color chart number (
  3. Plastic or metal material for the buckles/adjusters/rings
  4. Location of D-rings (only 1 per strap is possible)
  5. Your measurements (height, waist, chest size) Here.
  6. Preferably a sketch (in color) including the location of the material and all extras.

You can use one of our harness design templates to help design and color your own harness. Don’t forget to draw the D-rings if you want them. You can draw your own design and be creative, but don’t forget to follow the available options mentioned above.

If you want to get a two-toned, three-toned or more color harness, you can expect an additional cost of 30-50€, depending on the size and design of your harness choice.